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LionHeart Mentoring is a workforce development community created by Black Male Professionals for Black Male Professionals. This community is leading the way for more Black men to advance faster in corporate America while avoiding frustrating trials, errors and obstructions overcome by the brother who went before him.

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  • 6 weeks of offensive and defensive strategy mapping that helps you organize your thoughts, frustrations, ideas and ultimate career goal
  • Insightable teachings from managerial and executive level brothers warning you of obstacles as you climb the ladder and pivots you can make to avoid each one
  • Become your chosen company’s most valuable player and get paid like it
  • Each week includes a 60 minute virtual workshop at 8pm EST. Open to brothers around the U.S.

Build Your Future As You See It

Video Accountability Coaching To Help Protect Your House

Everybody fumbles at one point or another. But staying on track is how you master the corporate game. That’s why each week, LionHeart brothers gather to discuss individual challenges, solutions and areas of improvement in personal choices that impact your career growth.

Look Into 1:1 Career Mentoring 

Have you been hunting for a mentor to help you make smart career decisions with personalized advice tailored to your situation? Or maybe you’ve put a lot of work into educating yourself, but your salary doesn’t match up with your diverse capabilities.  If you want to earn more and climb high on the corporate ladder, let us know today. We’ll connect you with an experienced mentor according to your personality.

Who Is Joshua Rich?

Plus, The Reason He Started LionHeart Mentoring

Substitute teacher, Security Officer, Senior Manager of Training and Development. These are just a few of many the titles that the founder of LionHeart Mentoring, Joshua Rich has owned over the course of his 10 year corporate career. Prior to ranking high on the corporate ladder at the global security solutions agency G4S, Rich started off as a  young college grad hopeful for his future, but well aware that the journey to corporate ranking as a Black man in America would require mentoring, skills and a smart game plan. A well-known and respected pioneer in the corporate world and within his personal community, Josh Rich has earned wisdom and know-how for developing  programs and igniting movements that result in continued progression for career-driven and family-minded men. Through LionHeart Mentoring, Rich is on a mission to create a world where today’s companies, as well as companies of the future, are better equipped to meet global issues with better solutions. The LionHeart brotherhood accomplishes this by inspiring a more diverse pool of well-prepared and highly qualified solutionists.

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Discussion on nationwide and career-specific challenges Black men face in AmericaReal-time, experts advice for your questions on advancing education, skill development, and asserting your authority in the workplace
Tactics on how to position yourself for getting promoted within on a rapid and pretty much predictable timeline
A sense of belonging and brotherhood that you’ve been searching  for when it comes to your career