You Have A Dream Book

Are you wondering what you want to do with your life? This book is here to help you answer that question in a way you’ll never regret. No more living for school breaks, weekends, and vacations—it’s time for you to discover the adventure that calls to your heart and the mission that you alone can achieve.
     This book will help you choose the right career, but it’s NOT about careers. This book will help you decide on a university and a major, but it’s NOT about higher education. This book IS about finding a purpose for your life that puts all those things into their proper place.
     This book will coach you in figuring out what you want to do with your life by walking you through the 7 Steps to Discovering Your Dream. If willingly applied, these simple steps can save you years of confused turmoil and wasted time.
Consider reading this book if you are:
     – A young teenager who wants to get a head start on life,
     – A high school student who doesn’t know where to go next,
     – A rising leader who is underwhelmed by the stereotypical approach to education and life,
     – A college student who needs to declare a major,
     – A recent graduate who isn’t sure that forty years at their new job is all life has to offer, or
     – A parent, advisor, or mentor of youth or young adults who wants to help them make good choices for their future.
     Your dream is within your grasp. Will you choose it?


Jacob Hansen has always known that he was born to change the world. After an early leadership education focused on studying the classics and working with mentors, he became a self-directed student and set out to find his Big Dream.  He started by building his first two businesses and starting school at BYU full time at age 16, aiming to major in entrepreneurship.  His life changed a few months later when he found himself called to champion young heroes and spread messages of light to the world.  Jacob immediately co-founded Lionheart Mentoring and has been speaking, mentoring and leading teams of youth ever since.  When not building his dream, Jacob enjoys ballroom dancing, running marathons, and a good smoothie.  He is currently serving as a volunteer in Russia for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and will be returning to his family and home in Utah in the fall of 2019.

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